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Fluid Services

Auto Fluid Exchange Services in Greeley, CO

We provide fluid exchange services that all vehicles need for optimal performance. Many primary automotive systems rely on fluid to complete necessary tasks. Automotive fluids require routine inspections and exchange service at the recommended miles or sooner if they lose integrity from contamination or leaking. Fluid exchanges are completed by factory-trained and certified technicians with manufacturer-authorized fluids. Customers choose us because we complete fluid exchanges at top-quality standards with a focus on heavy-duty trucks, commercial vehicles, and fleets. We also provide service for light-duty trucks, cars, and SUVs. 

What Fluids Does My Vehicle Need?

Fluids flow throughout primary systems with special tasks to perform. Fluids tend to operate in extreme environments and need routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Here is a list of the necessary automotive fluids: 

  • Motor Oil

    Motor oil keeps the engine lubricated and internal parts moving freely. Change service is needed to remove broken-down oil and introduce fresh lubrication with the thinnest viscosity.

  • Coolant/Antifreeze

    The cooling system requires coolant/antifreeze to stabilize engine temperatures; this fluid absorbs heat to keep the engine cool while also preventing freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Brake

    This fluid transfers stopping power through the braking system, but its water-absorbing tendency demands routine inspections and exchanges. Brake fluid generally requires an exchange service every 2-3 years.

  • Differential Oil

    The differential transfers engine power into wheel torque and has a lubricating gear oil that requires maintenance at the specified miles found in the owner’s manual.

  • Transmission

    automatic and manual transmissions have an internal lubricant that requires exchange.

  • A/C Refrigerant

    Is the vital fluid/gas necessary to remove heat from the air; it requires recharge service when it leaks.

  • Windshield Washer

    This fluid keeps the windshield clean, and many drivers use a winter mix fluid to remove ice from the windshield in winter.

Schedule Fluid Exchange at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

Customers can schedule fluid exchange services at the online service scheduler at any convenient opportunity within 2-3 minutes. We can also schedule by phone during regular service center hours. 

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