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Medium-Duty Truck Service, Maintenance & Repair

Medium-Duty Service

We are an Isuzu dealer. We service all of Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. We are a Fleet and Commercial service center. We know every fleet has unique needs and that’s where Truck City excels. We cater our services to each individual company. We will develop a trusted relationship with your leadership and your crew so they know we have there best interests in mind. Our medium duty service team has a diverse skill set able to diagnose repair and recondition any and all medium and heavy duty platforms. We have factory level diagnostic systems in-house for Isuzu, International, Navistar, Cummins and Alison. We source and sell factory parts in the same way a dealership shop would. Because of this we can provide dealer-level service without having to go to a dealer. Our team will tackle any job. If you have any project in mind and you’re not sure who to send it to contact our team.

Service for your medium-duty truck in greeley, co

Your truck takes you through long days of work so you want to give it the maintenance it needs to keep operating smoothly. Maintenance and repairs that get done regularly will extend the life of your truck. At Truck City Service in Greeley, CO, our team of qualified technicians understands where you are coming from. They work hard every day to help truck owners get their vehicles in the best condition possible. For your convenience, we are located near the communities of Windsor, Loveland, and Fort Collins.

Get the Regular Maintenance Your Truck Needs

Every truck needs regular maintenance to keep it working hard. The manufacturer outlines their recommended schedule of maintenance in the owner’s manual. This lets you know at what intervals the different services need to be taken care of. It will also outline the product types that they recommend. For instance, some vehicles are designed to have synthetic oil changes while others are not. If you have any questions about the maintenance schedule, contact us. Our team is always ready to help you understand what needs to be done on your truck.

The Right Tires for Your Truck

When your vehicle needs new tires, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians will get the right tires for your truck. Replacing the tires requires more than simply getting ones that are a similar size. They also need to be the correct load designation, properly balanced, and rotated as needed. Our tire center technicians will then mount and balance them so that you have a safe, comfortable ride.

Battery Service You Can Depend On

Your truck’s battery starts the engine. However, it is also important for operating many of your truck’s accessories. The battery can be affected by seasonal weather changes, it’s just as impacted by the heavy heat of summertime as it is by winter ‘s cold weather conditions. If you start noticing any issues and suspect that it may be the battery, schedule service so it can be inspected. Technicians will examine the condition of the battery and if it needs to be replaced with a new one from our parts department.

Brake Services are crucial

The brakes and brake system on your truck keep you safe when you are on the road. They help you stop and can help avoid accidents. Keeping them in good condition is important to safely operate your truck on the road. If you experience issues such as grabbing or an odd noise, our technicians will be able to diagnose the issues. Then it can be corrected right the first time. Your brakes are too important to risk driving if there is a problem.

Get the Repairs Your Truck Needs

If your truck needs repairs, it’s better if you don’t put them off. Problems tend to get worse the longer they are left. Most of the time, it can mean the difference between a small repair and an extensive, costly repair. Our team is always ready to diagnose any issues in our state-of-the-art facility.

Truck City Service Center in northern Colorado

At Truck City Service in Greeley, CO, you’ll get the best care for your vehicle. Our experienced team works with trucks like yours every day, so they understand its maintenance needs and how the repair should be performed. Stop in today! 


Our fleet and commercial truck service center is dedicated to ensuring your vehicles are in top working condition at all times. Give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by our shop today!



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