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Battery Replacement
in Greeley, CO

New Batteries in Greely, CO

We operate a service department committed to automotive service excellence. We employ factory-trained and certified technicians ready to provide your vehicle or commercial fleet’s battery replacements by installing an OEM replacement battery quickly and conveniently. When you need to secure quality battery services, you should bring your vehicle to us at Truck City Service in Greely, CO.

Battery Maintenance & Sales

The battery in your vehicle is responsible for storing the electricity needed to start the engine. Batteries also power electronic accessories when the engine is off. This small yet vital electric powerhouse should remain at its best to support overall vehicle reliability. With the average battery lasting a few years, your vehicle’s reliability rests on the routine inspections and replacement service that keeps the battery at its best.

Battery Inspection

A battery inspection begins with a physical evaluation of the case, looking for any disfiguration, leaking fluid, and corrosion at the posts meeting the terminal. Suppose the battery is in good physical condition. In that case, we will perform a two-part electrical test that measures the amount of electricity stored in reserve capacity and the amount of electricity sent to start the engine. If the battery fails any inspection or an electrical testing portion, it will require replacement service to restore specifications.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement service at Truck City Service in Greely, CO, begins with our factory-trained and certified technicians ready to install an original equipment battery. We will remove the old battery, inspect the terminal and charging system, and install the new battery according to factory specifications.

Batteries Sales & Services from Truck City Service

We offer quality battery service for all makes and models. We provide battery service for light-duty to heavy-duty vehicles and specialize in commercial fleet service. Your service will be completed by factory-trained and certified technicians installing OEM parts of the highest quality. We also work quickly so your much-needed source of transportation can get the job done for you. If you need a reliable and experienced fleet and commercial battery service, you should secure us as your service provider at Truck City Service in Greely, CO.

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