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Battery Inspections
& Testing Service

Fleet & Commercial Truck Battery Inspection & Testing in Greeley, CO

Inspections with load testing are routine battery maintenance that protects overall fleet and commercial truck reliability. An annual battery inspection is the proactive maintenance recommended to detect old batteries losing integrity. Our factory-trained and certified technicians complete all battery inspections and testing with specialized equipment. If your battery fails the inspection, we can install an original equipment quality battery as well as other services with a fast turnaround at Truck City Service.

Battery Dying Symptoms

Batteries usually experience symptoms of dying before they fail. Noticing these symptoms should prompt a quick battery inspection with load testing to prevent a dead battery from ruining your day. Here are the common symptoms of a battery that’s about to die:

Battery Inspections & Load Testing Service Overview

A battery inspection with load testing provides a physical evaluation while evaluating electrical performance. A certified technician checks the battery case for problems, including bloating, rusty terminal-post connections, and fluid leaks. Batteries with physical defects fail the inspection and need immediate replacement. Electrical load testing checks the voltage stored in reserve capacity and the cold-cranking amps provided to start the engine. Batteries not performing to specs are also in need of immediate replacement to eliminate risk.

Battery Replacement

If your battery fails the inspection, no need to worry. You’ll need a new battery installed on the spot to prevent a dead battery from immobilizing your truck. We can install the new battery that you need quickly and conveniently to eliminate the risk carried by the old battery that’s not performing to specifications. We have factory-trained and certified technicians to remove the old battery and install an original equipment quality part with a fast turnaround.

Schedule Battery Maintenance at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

Scheduling service is convenient and easy at the online service scheduler or by phone. Busy commercial truck owners can schedule battery maintenance 24/7 within minutes by entering the service details needed in a few simple steps. Don’t forget that we offer Saturday service hours for customers that need weekend appointments.

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