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When Your Vehicle Needs Battery Service, Come to Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

Your truck is a hard-working machine that’s built to take you wherever you need to go. Of course, to get there, you’ll first need to start the truck, and this requires a battery in good condition. Whether you need a new battery or just want to have the battery inspected, we can help at Truck City Service, serving Windsor and Fort Collins, Colorado. Find out more about our battery services on this page, and then come by Truck City Service.

  • Battery Testing and Inspection Service at Truck City Service

    The battery in your truck holds an impressive amount of electricity, which it uses whenever you turn the key in the ignition (or press the ignition button). When you do this, the battery sends a surge of electricity to the starter, which turns the engine over. Then, as you drive, the alternator creates electricity and sends it to the battery, recharging it.

    As time goes by, your battery will be able to hold less and less of a charge, until, eventually it won't have enough energy to start your truck. Being left stranded when you have a job to do is a huge pain, so come to Truck City Service for battery testing. Our technicians will test your battery to see how much of a charge it can hold. They can also perform tests to make sure that everything else in the charging system is working the way that it should be. They will then let you know the condition of your battery.

  • Battery Replacement at Truck City Service

    If your truck's battery can't hold sufficient charge, we will be glad to remove it, dispose of it safely, and replace it with a new battery here at Truck City Service. We can also replace auxiliary batteries in motorhomes and other larger vehicles.

  • Why Choose Truck City Service for Hyundai Battery Replacement Service?

    When your truck or other heavy-duty vehicle needs a new battery, Truck City Service is the place to go. We have a great selection of batteries, and our technicians are certified experts who know exactly what your vehicle needs. We will be glad to help you with whatever battery service your vehicle needs here at Truck City Service in Greeley.

Schedule Battery Service at Truck City Service, Serving Loveland, and Fort Collins, CO

When you’re ready to bring your truck in for battery service, we will be glad to help at Truck City Service. Give us a call or use our online service scheduler. Then, stop by our location in Greeley.

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