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Heavy Duty Truck Service & Maintenance

Heavy Duty Truck Service & Maintenance in Greeley, CO

We know all about how heavy-duty trucks take a real pounding when on the job. Hauling heavy loads in difficult terrain facing hot Colorado summers with cold temperatures arriving as early as fall and with commercial fleet trucks often towing heavy loads in stop-and-go conditions. While this is a nightmare for most trucks, we provide the quality services needed to keep your heavy-duty truck at its best and offer quality maintenance services needed to get it done.

Full Menu of Truck Services

No matter if your truck is due for an oil change or needs a transmission replacement, we provide the scheduled maintenance services listed in the owner’s manual quickly and conveniently according to specifications. Some of the popular scheduled maintenance services that we offer trucks include oil changes, battery, tires, brakes, cabin/engine filters, transmission inspection and fluid exchange, and alignment.

Why Choose us at Truck City Service

As proven heavy-duty truck experts with a state-of-the-art service department, we feature industry-leading equipment operated by factory-trained and certified technicians. We offer the ideal service quality for your heavy-duty truck extending much more value than what you can get at the nearest independent service shop. Since it is our mission to offer complete care at impressive quality and value for heavy-duty trucks, you will never have to risk getting your truck serviced at a substandard independent service shop. We at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO offer everything that you will need.

Why Truck Maintenance is Important

When a heavy-duty truck is a part of a commercial fleet bound to business profitability or livelihood as a hard-working sole proprietor, keeping it performing at its best will be essential. That is where we come in at Truck City Service of Greeley, CO. We operate a state-of-the-art facility staffed with factory-trained and certified technicians who know heavy-duty trucks professionally. We understand that your truck likely works in severe driving conditions and will benefit from scheduled maintenance at the recommended miles and repairs as needed by certified professionals.

Heavy Duty Commercial Fleet Services

We can service your commercial fleet of heavy-duty trucks at the highest quality guaranteed to keep your trucks at their best for you and your business. No matter if you are a business leader needing optimum service quality to support business success or a sole-proprietor whose livelihood is bound to truck performance, we get the job done right with unrivaled service quality and value when our customers need it most.


Our fleet and commercial truck service center is dedicated to ensuring your vehicles are in top working condition at all times. Give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by our shop today!