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Brake Fluid
Exchange Service

The Importance of Brake Fluid Exchange

Many vehicle owners overlook maintaining their brake fluid. This is an important maintenance procedure that needs to be taken care of on a regular schedule. As brake fluid ages, it becomes contaminated and even become diluted with water. This prevents the brakes from performing the way that they were designed for. A brake fluid exchange introduces fresh fluid that will keep your brake operating efficiently. At Truck City Service, our team works hard in Greeley, CO to provide the maintenance your Buick GMC needs. We’re also conveniently located near the towns of Windsor, Loveland, and Fort Collins.

What’s Involved with a Brake Fluid Exchange?

The brake fluid is contained within the closed braking system. During a brake fluid exchange, the old fluid is drained and replaced with fresh fluid. Brake fluid is essential for the operation of the brake pedal and sending this movement to the brake pads. This stops your vehicle. If it is not maintained, the moisture content and contamination increase. This will cause the vehicle’s power steering system to be less responsive.

Brake System Issues

In the owner’s manual, manufacturer’s recommend when you should have a brake fluid exchange. It will be specific to the year and model of your vehicle. It is best to have this done when they suggest. Old brake fluid that is contaminated and contains moisture will cause it to boil at lower temperatures. The fluid naturally heats up during use because of the friction it is exposed to. This can create bubbles in the brake lines. If this happens, you’ll experience reduced braking performance.

How is a Brake Fluid Exchange Done?

When you bring your vehicle into our service department, the master cylinder cover will be removed. Then we will test the brake fluid for copper. The presence of copper reads out in parts per million. This is important because it indicates the condition of the brake fluid’s additives. We test the brake fluid because it gives us an indication of whether or not the brake fluid needs to be changed.

Testing the Brake Fluid

We always test the brake fluid to determine its quality and the condition of its additive. This prevents unnecessary brake fluid exchanges. The test will show what condition the brake fluid is in. As fluid ages, it becomes contaminated and corrosion can happen. When the level of copper is over 220 ppm, that lets us know that the fluid needs to be changed. It poses a risk of corroding the brake system at a fast rate. By testing and changing the fluid, you can preserve your vehicle’s braking system.

When the Brake Fluid Looks Normal

It’s difficult to judge brake fluid by its appearance. Even though it may look normal it may still be contaminated. You may see fluid that is dark or even cloudy but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. That’s when you need a professional to assess the condition of the brake fluid and whether it needs to be replaced.

Truck City Service Center

When you bring your truck into Truck City Service Center in Greeley, CO, our technicians will quickly assess the quality of your brake fluid and whether it needs to be replaced or not. They will also examine your ABS braking system to determine its condition. Don’t wait to care for your brakes, contact us today and schedule your appointment!

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