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Coolant Fluid
Exchange Service

The Importance of Coolant Fluid Exchange

How often should you change the coolant in your vehicle’s engine?

It’s not a simple question to answer. It depends on how you drive your vehicle, in what climate, as well as the make and model. The owner’s manuals for some cars and trucks say you should have the coolant changed no less than every 30,000 miles, and some don’t mention coolant fluid at all.

Can You Rely on “Life-Long” Coolant?

Most cars and trucks use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water in the radiator. This is known as “life-long” coolant. It provides protection from excessive heat and cold and can last for several years. But the common name for it is misleading- causing many people to neglect their coolant fluid. Newer vehicles are able to function on smaller amounts of coolant and can go even longer without being changed. The trouble is that coolant fluid is one of those irregular items on your maintenance list that is easily forgotten. To be safe, you should have your coolant fluid checked at least every 30,000 miles. This way, your technician can replace it should the need arise- and before problems arise.

The Risks of Ignoring Your Coolant Fluid

Over time, your coolant fluid will deteriorate- and unlike other fluids- it’s hard to tell the difference between old and new coolant fluid just by looking at it. Other fluids will change color or become more viscous. But coolant fluid can only be checked by a professional. Even if your coolant fluid level is where it should be, it might still need to be replaced. The coolant fluid can and will become degraded over time. It can lose its corrosion prohibiting properties, allowing rust to form on important systems like the water pump, thermostat, cap, radiator, hoses, and other key parts and components. A breakdown of any of these parts can lead to serious problems and costly repairs.

Coolant Fluid Exchange Interval

The general rule of thumb across a wide range of makes and models is to regularly check coolant fluid that has gone longer than 50,000 without being exchanged. However, changing coolant fluid is not expensive and can save you immeasurable risk and trouble simply by routinely changing it every 30,000. While many people consider this excessive, it is the best way to protect the important parts and components mentioned above.

Why Choose Truck City Service in Greeley, CO for Your Coolant Fluid Exchange?

Here at Truck City Service in Greeley, Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Northern CO – our goal is to keep your vehicle operating at peak condition all year long regardless of use or weather conditions. Keeping fresh coolant fluid in your truck is the best way to protect it against use and age. Our certified and professional technicians will help you stay on top of your coolant fluid needs and suggest coolant fluid exchange service before your coolant fluid is overdue. During your coolant fluid exchange service, take advantage of our exclusive amenities, including; our comfortable waiting area with free wi-fi, our express service department, and more. Find us online or call today to schedule your coolant fluid checkup.

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