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in Greeley, CO

Fleet, Commercial, and Personal Transmission Fluid Exchange in Greeley, CO

At Truck City Service, we’re not your average service center. Our high-tech facility can handle all sizes and types of cars, up to and including heavy-duty vehicles like motorhomes and big rigs. We can also handle any light-duty car as well, so no matter which car needs it, we can help you with your transmission fluid exchange. Since a transmission fluid exchange is key to keeping your transmission from being damaged, you’re saving yourself money by getting your transmission serviced!

Transmission Fluid Change at a Glance

Your transmission works with many gears and interlocking parts, and these parts need to perfectly mesh together without obstruction. However, the system also works on hydraulic pressure, which requires a fluid medium that uses pressure to help switch gears. Transmission fluid serves both of these purposes, providing your transmission with lubricating and hydraulic properties. When that fluid gets contaminated by corrosion or particles that come off of parts, it can’t do its job as well, and over time the fluid also degrades. Every vehicle needs a transmission fluid exchange when the transmission fluid gets old so that your transmission won’t lose its power to change gears.

When to Change Transmission Fluid

For light-duty cars, the recommendation is generally that transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. However, heavy-duty vehicles can require a transmission fluid exchange sooner since the transmission has to constantly be shifting to provide the right balance of torque for the job. Since transmission fluid protects vital components, you should check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s specific recommendation on when to change your transmission fluid.

Truck City Service Can Handle All Your Transmission Fluid Needs

It doesn’t matter if you’re bringing in your big rig or your hatchback, we can help you maintain your transmission. Our experts have experience with all sorts of vehicles, and we provide fleet services to make sure that all your business’ vehicles are in the best shape for the job. We work with each customer according to their needs, so all our service is individual-based and custom to what you want for your car. We’ll provide the focus and specificity of service you need for your vehicle.

Come Get Your Transmission Fluid Changed at Truck City Service

We handle everything from regularly scheduled maintenance to advanced repairs and complicated services. We have customers from Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, and more that all choose us for their specific vehicle needs. We’re an all-encompassing service center, so if you have a vehicle, big or small, that needs something, we can provide it! Set up your appointment today to have our experts start taking care of your vehicle.

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Our fleet and commercial truck service center is dedicated to ensuring your vehicles are in top working condition at all times. Give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by our shop today!