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Winter Maintenance Tips

Auto Winterizing Tips from Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

At Truck City Service of Greeley, CO, we are ready to help you winterize your car, truck, or fleet for a cold Colorado winter. When the temperature drops, there are many ways our service center can help, in addition to the little things you can do to keep your vehicle operating smoothly. Part of getting your car ready for winter includes changing some things and reviewing for potential changes.

Basics of Winter Auto Care

At Truck City Service, we believe in starting with the essentials for the safe winter operation of your vehicle.


  • HVAC Inspection

    A full HVAC inspection is essential to ensure your heater and defroster are working properly. We review these features for vehicles with bonus accessories, such as seat warmers and steering wheel warmers, to make sure the entire season is comfortable.

  • Antifreeze Check

    We also recommend checking your antifreeze/coolant to ensure it is ready for a season of below-freezing temperatures.

  • Tires

    If you prefer to use snow tires or require their use in the winter, we can assist with a transition. We are also ready to provide an essential pre-winter tire check to ensure your tires are properly inflated, rotated, and free of alignment issues. At Truck City Service, we also offer the WinAlign Heavy-Duty Alignment System. We are the only location for this system in north Colorado. The closest alternate location is Denver.

  • Windshield Wipers and Fluid

    Other points to review include switching to winter windshield washer fluid, checking wiper blades, and reviewing the windshield for vulnerable cracks and chips.

  • Battery

    A battery check is also necessary to determine if a replacement battery is needed before cold weather reduces the cold-cranking ability.

Preparing a Winter Safety Kit

Part of winter preparation is acknowledging the impossible could happen. You may experience a vehicle emergency or be trapped in a traffic jam or winter weather. This makes a winter emergency kit a particularly important necessity for your car. Include your basics, such as a first aid kit, easily accessible snacks, bottled water, blankets, gloves, and other warming necessities. You can also pack a flashlight, flares, basic car care items, a multi-tool, and booster cables. If you routinely travel with multiple passengers, always include enough blankets and provisions for each person.

Schedule Winterization Service at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

We specialize in servicing a wide range of vehicles, from cars, trucks, and SUVs to heavy-duty rides like motor homes and big rigs, so we are ready to assist with any system issues that need to be corrected. We also welcome you for service if you run a small or large business with a fleet or operate commercial vehicles.

If you need help getting your truck ready for winter, you can schedule service online or by phone today. We look forward to seeing you.

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