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Filter Services

Filter Replacement for All Heavy-Duty Makes And Models in Greeley, CO

Have you been changing your vehicle’s filters on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended schedule? The vehicle filters play a vital role in the function of your vehicle, including its performance, efficiency, safety, and reliability. At Truck City Service, we offer filter inspection and replacement service for all heavy-duty makes and models. Our facility is located in Greeley, CO, only a short drive from Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. We offer high-quality filters made by reputable manufacturers. At Truck City Service, we offer Denver the nearest WinAlign Heavy-Duty Alignment System. It is also the only such system in Northern Colorado. Here is more information about vehicle filters.


Popular Filter Services at Truck City Service

  • Oil Filter

    When the engine oil is clean and smooth, it can provide adequate lubrication for the engine components. This helps minimize overheating of the engine and allows the engine parts to last longer. The oil filter minimizes impurities and contaminants in the engine oil. Over time, the oil filter becomes clogged and requires replacement. It is best to get the oil filter replaced when you get an oil change service.

  • Fuel Filter

    The fuel filter is a permeable barrier that cleans the fuel of contaminants, sediment, rust, and impurities. Cleaner fuel to the engine means better performance and efficiency of the engine. If you feel excessive vibrations while idling, trouble to start the vehicle, a decrease in fuel efficiency, or acceleration of your vehicle, the clogged fuel filter could be the problem. It is best to have a proactive approach to filter replacement. That means through periodic inspection services. You can get the filter replaced before it becomes ineffective.

  • Cabin Air Filter

    The cabin air filter should not be confused with the engine air filter. Both these types of filters clean air, but they have different purposes. The cabin air filter cleans the air that flows through the HVAC into the interior or cabin of the vehicle. The cabin air filter is typically located behind the glove box. It is designed to clean the air from pollen, dust, and other airborne particles that can be harmful to you. At Truck City Service, we can perform a quick and reliable inspection of the cabin air filter to guide you on replacement service.

Schedule Filter Replacement Service for your Truck or Motorhome at Truck City Service

We specialize in heavy-duty service and repair and can schedule your filter replacement service appointment today. See you soon at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO.

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