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Cabin Air Filter Replacement
in Greeley, CO

The Importance of Cabin Air Filter Replacement

The cabin air filter is different from the engine air filter. The engine filter prevents contaminants from entering the carburetor or fuel injectors, causing them to clog up and work inefficiently. The cabin air filter is similar to the filter in your home HVAC system, yet more critical as it filters out the smog and pollution you drive through every day and prevents it from entering the passenger compartment. The vehicle’s air conditioning, heater, and fan blow outside air into the car, and the air on the roads is not usually very clean or breathable. The filter assures the air is clean rather than being filled with dust and smog present on the typical road.

Why Cabin Air Filter Replacement Is Necessary

By their very nature, filters are designed to trap and contain pollutants that could potentially be damaging in the case of fluid filters or unhealthy in the case of the cabin air filter. They can only absorb a certain amount before being filled, much like a water bottle can’t hold an endless supply of hydration. When the filter becomes full and can’t hold any more, the excess will spill over. At that point, the old air filter is likely better than no air filter, but contaminants are going to begin seeping through, and the air you breathe while driving won’t be clean. Prevent that from happening by having a new filter from our parts department installed by a certified technician.

What Happens when the Cabin Air Filter Doesn't Work

Other than the filter not working well, several things can happen when an old air filter becomes clogged. The best thing is the air being blown by the AC unit, or heater doesn’t come into the passenger cabin. Worse is the air filter might collapse, in which case polluted air will blow in. The worst in terms of expense and repairs is that the air conditioning unit has to work harder than intended while trying to blow air through the clogged filter and breaking. At that point, either the AC condenser, pump, or heating coil will blow out and no longer work even after the filter is finally replaced. It simply doesn’t make sense to postpone an inexpensive maintenance procedure that will cause far more costly repairs later.

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