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Two-Wheel Alignment
in Greeley, CO

Two-Wheel Alignment Service with Truck City Service

At Truck City, we are glad to offer all types of services that your vehicle may need, including a tire alignment. A two-wheel alignment,  also known as a tire alignment, is a procedure involving the adjustment of the angles of a car’s wheels, so they are completely perpendicular to the ground and parallel to one another. A wheel alignment allows suspension and steering components to serve you well and longer. Learn more below.

Why Is It Important to Get a Wheel Alignment?

It is necessary to perform wheel alignment because your wheels will become misaligned over time with regular driving. Especially if you hit potholes and curbs often, your car needs to be checked. A car accident is also a reason for a wheel alignment, even if the accident was minor and did not cause serious damages. One more reason for an alignment is the replacement of suspension and steering components.

Two-Wheel Alignment vs Four-Wheel Alignment

A two-wheel alignment is an alignment that is performed by a mechanic on the front two wheels only. For this reason, it is also often called a front wheel alignment. In a four-wheel alignment, all four wheels get aligned. Usually, if you have a big truck or SUV with a solid rear axle, a two-wheel alignment is enough.

Signs That It Is Time For a Wheel Alignment

Here are the tell tale signs that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. It is important not to ignore them and get your car checked as soon as possible.

How Often Should You Get a Wheel Alignment?

On average, it should be done every 2 or 3 years. However, it also depends on the vehicle and tires. For example, if it is a car with wide tires or a sporty car, a wheel alignment should be performed more often. It is also important to get it every time when you install new tires. Usually, if there are no symptoms of misaligned tires mentioned above, you do not need to get an alignment.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service for All Makes & Models at Truck City

We can handle any type of car or truck on the market, and we will make sure that your vehicle serves you well for many years. Our team of professional mechanics is happy to help you with a wide range of services. If you have any questions, you can always give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by our office.

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