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Four-Wheel Alignment in Greeley, CO

Your vehicle’s alignment is vital to it performing as it was designed. It’s an important part of the maintenance that needs to be regularly performed. The manufacturer will outline the recommended maintenance schedule for your year, make and model in the owner’s manual. This lets you know what it will take to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible.

Unfamiliar but Necessary Service

While a four-wheel alignment may be an unfamiliar service. It is nevertheless an important maintenance task to stay on top of. At the Truck City Service Center, our knowledgeable technicians will get your vehicle taken care of quickly so that you can get back to your day. Our team in the Greeley, CO service center takes care of similar vehicles every day. They know what maintenance is recommended for your make and model.

Precision Machinery for Perfect Alignment

At the factory, technicians use precision machinery to align all of the tires. This puts them into a proper spatial location with the other tires and tilts them the way that the designers intended. Unfortunately, driving a vehicle causes the tires to shift out of this optimal position. Driving on rough roads, hitting potholes or bumping into parking beams slightly shifts the position of the tires. Jarring the tires in any way shifts them out of position. A four-wheel alignment is the only way to correct the situation.

Signs of Misalignment & Scheduling a Fix

Misaligned tires will cause a vehicle to pull to one side. This creates an unsafe driving situation because the driver has to constantly oversteer to correct the vehicle’s path. This puts undue stress on the axles and the vehicle’s engine. It can also cause the tires to develop uneven wear patterns. If you don’t take care of it, the tires will need to be replaced more frequently. When you do bring the vehicle in for a four-wheel alignment, the technician may recommend that you do so in conjunction with a tire rotation. While that is an additional cost, in the end, this will save the wear on your tires. That saves you money.

Four-Wheel Alignment Service Interval

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend getting a four-wheel tire realignment every 10,000 miles. If you continue to drive on misaligned tires, you may begin to see that the sidewalls of your tires start to bulge. Thin sidewalls put you at risk of having a blowout on the road. They will also decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. So, it is important to take care of your tires. In the end, it saves you money. 

Truck City Tire Services & More

At Truck City Service in Greeley, CO, our technicians know the type and size tires that your vehicle needs. They will also get them quickly aligned so that you can safely and comfortably drive. We won’t keep you waiting! While many of us struggle to take care of our vehicle’s maintenance tasks during our hectic schedules, a four-wheel alignment is worth the investment. Don’t drive a misaligned vehicle.

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