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Power Steering
System Service

Power Steering System Service in Greely, CO

Does your motorhome, big rig, or commercial truck have a power steering problem? If so, we are the leading opportunity for top-quality power steering system service in the Greely, CO area, including Windsor, Fort Collins, and Loveland, CO. Our certified technicians understand power steering systems professionally with extensive experience troubleshooting and repairing components. Power steering system services are completed to factory standards with OEM certified parts and fluid. Continue reading about power steering problem indicators and schedule service today at Truck City Service.

What Fluids Does My Vehicle Need?

The power steering system is often described as a mechanical assistant allowing drivers to turn heavy vehicles easily. When the steering wheel is turned, the power steering pump amplifies the input force and transfers the energy to the steering components that rotate the wheels. The power steering system has several components susceptible to depreciation, including the pump, hydraulic fluid, tie rods, ball joints, and rack & pinion. Here are the telltale signs that you are dealing with a power steering system problem:

  • Power Steering Fluid Exchange

    Hydraulic power steering fluid transfers energy from the pump into the steering components but is susceptible to contamination and leaking. We provide a power steering fluid exchange service to restore hydraulic integrity.

  • Power Steering Pump Replacement

    The power steering pump is the foundation of effective power steering. We can replace bad pumps with a power steering pump replacement service.

Schedule Power Steering System Service at Truck City Service

Customers can schedule power steering system services online or by phone. Online service scheduling is completed within minutes and is always available. We have helpful advisors available by phone at the service department to book services during regular hours.

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