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Major Systems Service

Major Systems Service in Greeley, CO

Vehicles have several primary systems working together to generate a pleasant, reliable, efficient, and safe driving experience. Each system is unique in its own right, with a special task to perform. Major system services are completed by certified and factory-trained technicians with OEM parts. Continue reading about major system services and schedule the service that you need at Truck City Service. 


The engine is a vital system that requires routine maintenance as it needs to stay cool and well lubricated. Routine engine maintenance includes oil changes and coolant fluid exchanges. The engine timing belt/chain is another important maintenance consideration when accumulating higher miles. Be sure to get the engine inspected at major service intervals to check for fluid leaks and drive belt issues.


The braking system is essential for preventing accidents and has several components that require maintenance when they depreciate. We understand hydraulic automotive brakes inside and out with extensive hands-on experience providing inspections, pad replacement, fluid exchange, rotor resurfacing/replacement, and more.


The transmission is a more complex automotive system that converts power created by the engine into wheel torque. Transmissions have a complicated arrangement of gearing, clutches, flywheel, lines, gaskets, and fluid that require routine maintenance and possibly repairs with enough use. We welcome you to visit us when you need transmission inspections, fluid exchanges, repairs, or replacement.


The exhaust system is vital for guiding combustion fumes away from the engine. It also features emission controls that protect the environment. The exhaust system requires routine inspections and maintenance as needed when components lose integrity, such as the oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, muffler, hangers, joints, and manifold.


The fuel system delivers the air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. It has narrow passages such as the injectors that can get clogged. Fuel system maintenance begins with a cleaning service that removes accumulation.

Steering /Suspension

The steering/suspension components work together for safe and comfortable handling. The components need routine inspections and service as needed for excessive wear and tear. We can provide service for steering components, including the rack and pinion, pump, and fluid. We also provide service for suspension components, including the shocks and struts.

Schedule Major Systems Maintenance at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

We specialize in servicing major automotive systems for heavy-duty automobiles, including trucks, big rigs, motorhomes, and commercial fleets. We also provide service for light-duty trucks, SUVs, and cars. Customers can schedule major system services online around the clock or by phone during normal service hours.

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