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A/C Service & Repair

Automotive A/C Service and Repair in Greeley, CO

When the weather here in Northern Colorado is hot, air conditioning feels less like a luxury and more like a necessity. Even on moderately warm days, the inside of your truck can become uncomfortably hot. Here at Truck City Service, we can inspect and service your vehicle’s air conditioning to ensure that your truck, motor home, or commercial vehicle stays comfortable. Find out more here, and then visit us to see why drivers from Windsor, Loveland, and Fort Collins choose Truck City Service.

Common Vehicle A/C Problems

  • Clogged Cabin Air Filter

    The cabin air filter keeps contaminants like dust, pollen, mold spores, and more from entering your vehicle's cabin. However, it will become clogged over time, decreasing your A/C's output. This is a quick and easy fix, and we are glad to help at Truck City Service.

  • Refrigerant Leak

    Refrigerant is a crucial part of your vehicle's air conditioning system. It moves through the A/C system as a gas, absorbing excess heat. It then turns into a liquid and sheds that heat. The heat is whisked away, creating a pocket of cold air that the blower motors push into the cabin. A leak will cause there to be less refrigerant, making it difficult to keep your cabin cool. We can find the source of the leak, repair it, and refill your vehicle with refrigerant.

  • A/C Compressor or Condenser Trouble

    The A/C compressor turns liquid refrigerant into gas and pushes it through the hoses. On the other hand, the condenser is where the refrigerant turns back into liquid. The condenser may become clogged, in which case we can unclog it. However, both the condenser and compressor may become damaged. Often, this means that they will need to be replaced.

  • Blower Motor Problems

    The blower motors can have mechanical or electrical problems, and we can deal with both at Truck City Service.

Why Choose Truck City Service for A/C Service?

Truck City Service is your local source for truck, motor vehicle, and motor home service. We are equipped to handle all kinds of vehicles, from pickup trucks to RVs to big rigs. With our state-of-the-art service center and our expert technicians, you can trust the pros at Truck City Service.

Schedule A/C Service at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

When it’s time to bring your truck in for A/C service, we will be happy to help at Truck City Service. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call; then, stop by Truck City Service in Greeley, Colorado.

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