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Weather Guard
Truck Boxes

Weather Guard Truck Box Service in Greeley, CO

Owning a pickup truck means that you have an exposed bed that could be impacted by the weather. When you purchase a weather guard truck box, you are giving yourself a safe and secure area to secure your tools and necessities, while having the room of the truck bed available. Most are designed with various storage areas and are all equipped with a lock for secure storage since they are not locked in the cab. 

Types of Weather Guard Truck Boxes

Most of these weather guard truck tool boxes come in standard aluminum, which is durable against a changing atmosphere and weather resistant. Sometimes, these boxes are painted black to give a sportier look to your pickup truck, but they are still made with aluminum.

Choose between any Shape & Size

These boxes are designed to fit most truck beds, either up against the cab or long ways down the side of the truck. Depending on where you would like your weather guard truck box to fit will determine the size and style of the weather guard truck box you choose.

Some of these boxes come with multiple layers, which depends on the type of work you are doing and what you plan to store in your weather guard truck box. 

Why not just store tools in the truck bed?

Pickup trucks do not have the secure storage space that an SUV or van has. If you require a truck for your work, then you should consider the purchase of a weather guard truck box to complete the outside office. These boxes are designed to hold, organize, and carry valuable tools around without being stolen. 

They also secure tools that could be dangerous shuffling around the bed of the truck. Finally, securing these tools and items in the weather guard truck box protects them from the weather elements, allowing them to last you for years to come.

How do you get truck boxes installed?

When you purchase a weather guard truck box, you should let the professionals install and secure the box to the bed of your truck. They have the appropriate equipment that will keep these boxes secure and prevent them from getting damaged should you slam on the brakes and shuffle the box around. Because of their weight, they can scratch and damage the lining of your truck bed should they begin to slide. These boxes are heavy and can be a physical strain for some of our clients attempting to do themselves. Also, allowing the professionals to install the weather guard truck box is just a convenience for you. 

Dependable Accessories from Truck City Service in Northern Colorado

If you are a truck owner in Greeley CO, it is time to call Truck City Service today for your weather guard truck box installation. We proudly serve clients who also reside in Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver, requiring a variety of truck services.

Visit our parts boutique while we install your weather guard box, or enjoy our comfortable waiting area. Our service department technicians will work efficiently to install your box and have you on your way in no time. Call us today or visit our website for more information and to schedule your service.

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