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Oil Change Service


At one time, synthetic oil was only used in high performance, high-end vehicles that few people could afford. But as the benefits of synthetic oils have become better understood, automobile manufacturers started designing more vehicles intended to use synthetic oil. At the same time, many technicians and drivers discovered that cars designed to take conventional oil or a blend will take fully synthetic oil as well.

Advantages of Synthetic Oil

There are five main types of motor oil; conventional oil, which is 100% petroleum-based; semi-synthetic oil, which is a 50/50 mix of traditional and synthetic oil. There is also a high-mileage oil and diesel oil. And finally, there is a fully synthetic oil. Fully synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional semi-synthetic oil. It is more expensive, but drivers who use it will need to have their oil changed far less frequently. In most cases, it is actually significantly less expensive to use fully synthetic oil then either semi-synthetic or conventional. Not needing oil changes as frequently means you will be less likely to miss an oil change. But most importantly, synthetic oil offers more robust protection for your engine against heat and friction.

Synthetic Oil Offers Better Protection

If your engine is able to handle synthetic oil, using it can save you wear and tear- saving you time and money in the long run. Synthetic oil protects your engine at more extreme temperatures without breaking down as readily as traditional oil will. Synthetic oil works best with performance vehicles that are equipped with variable valve timing, direct injection, superchargers, or turbochargers, all of which run hotter than other engines. Synthetic oils also resist colder temperatures better, which means starting up in cold weather is easier.

Myths About Synthetic Oil

Many people have avoided using synthetic oil because they have heard it might damage their vehicle. They may have heard that it causes oil leaks. They may have been told that if synthetic oil causes problems, they won’t be able to switch back to conventional oil. Some people have been told that they have to break a new car in using conventional oil, even if the manufacturer calls for semi or fully synthetic oil. None of these things are true. In reality, any automobile built in the last 20 years should be able to use synthetic oil. Before making the switch, consult the manufacturer and your technician if you have any questions. Not all engines are equipped to handle synthetic oil, so make sure yours is before making the switch. If your car or truck can handle it, you’ll start noticing the benefits right away, and longer operational life will be the ultimate result.

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