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Serpentine Belt
Replacement Service

Come to Truck City Service in Greeley, CO for Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Whether you drive one truck for work or you’re in charge of a whole fleet, you know that a well-maintained truck will provide exceptional service for longer. When you have a truck that needs its serpentine belt replaced, Truck City Service is the place to go for serpentine belt replacement serving Windsor and Loveland. Find out more about this service on this page, and then come discover for yourself why drivers from Greeley, Fort Collins, and beyond make Truck City Service their stop for truck service.

What Is the Serpentine Belt?

If you have a vintage truck, it may not have a serpentine belt. In older cars and trucks, different belts controlled several different functions. There was a belt for the alternator, a belt for the A/C compressor, a belt for the water pump, and so on. Modern engines, on the other hand, are designed with greater efficiency. Instead of having a separate belt for each of these things, they all became controlled by the serpentine belt. This belt gets its name from the snakelike way it coils around your engine’s pulleys; you may also have heard it referred to as the fan belt or the drive belt. This one belt controls things like the alternator, the power steering pump, the A/C compressor, and the water pump.

Why Does My Truck Need To Have Its Serpentine Belt Replaced?

Serpentine belts are made from rubber compounds, which means that they will wear down as time goes by. Small cracks will begin to form, and the serpentine belt will become likely to break if left unchanged. A broken serpentine belt means that all the systems and functions it controls will stop working, which can have big consequences for your driving experience. It puts the engine at risk of overheating, can cause electrical components to stop working, and can otherwise wreak havoc, putting you in danger. This is why we recommend having the serpentine belt changed at the required intervals and having regular multi-point inspections that may show when a serpentine belt is wearing down.

Schedule Serpentine Belt Replacement Service at Truck City Service, Serving Loveland, and Fort Collins, CO

When you’re ready to have your trucks’ serpentine belt replaced, it’s easy to schedule an appointment here at Truck City Service in Greeley. You can schedule service over the phone at (970) 373-0489 or use our online service scheduler. We look forward to seeing you at Truck City Service!

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