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Ford Truck

What Is Ford Truck Servicing

Fords are precise and well-made automobiles that require regular maintenance and servicing to perform at their best. By getting your Ford serviced by Ford-factory certified master techs you ensure that your Ford operates and top efficiency and safety during daily drives in Fort Collins.

Common Ford Servicing

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Servicing Your Ford

Regular maintenance is inconvenient but necessary. Without regular maintenance, your Ford’s performance decreases and it can become unsafe and lead to greater upkeep and repair expenses. For example, bad brake pads can cause an accident in Loveland when you can’t stop in time and suspension misalignment can cause tires to wear down faster.

Signs You Need Servicing

There are many signs you need automotive servicing. Some of these signs can include your Ford not starting, requiring multiple tries to start, warning lights, odd noises when driving, strange smells, your brakes not responding, sticking when changing gears, and the car pulling. No matter what the nature of these issues they are all signs you need servicing and driving in Greeley, CO has become unsafe.

The Needs of Fleets and Commercial Fords

Fords used for fleet and commercial purposes have special needs when compared to privately owned automobiles. When you bring in a fleet Ford for servicing you need precise results and specific tools such as Ford-factory diagnostic software help achieve that goal. At Truck City Service we specialize in all heavy-duty applications including not only commercial vehicles but big rigs and motor homes. Our Win Align Heavy-Duty Alignment System is the only one like it in northern Colorado.

Where Should You Take Your Ford to For Servicing

There is no shortage of mechanics to choose from in Greeley and other northern Colorado cities such as Windsor. At Truck City Service our work is of the highest quality and meets Ford’s high standards. We employ Ford-factory certified master techs and make use of competitively priced OEM Ford and Motorcraft parts so you can rest easy knowing our work meets Ford certified specifications. Call us today at 970-373-0498 and remember we can help with custom and individual-based work as well.



Our fleet and commercial truck service center is dedicated to ensuring your vehicles are in top working condition at all times. Give us a call, schedule an appointment online, or stop by our shop today!