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Fill-Rite Pump &
Meter Service

Fill-rite PUMP / METER Installation & Maintenance

Many of our clients at Truck City Service have a career that requires portable pumps and meters in the bed of their work trucks. With Fill-Rite pumps & meters, they are using the industry-leading products for these pumps, making them both portable and lightweight, while also keeping them secure. 

These fuel transfer pumps are some of the top-performing in their class, and customers look for this brand whenever they need a replacement or an upgrade. Below are some of the reasons why our customers are consistently making the Fill-Rite choice for these options.

Why go with fill-rite?

This question comes with a quick answer: performance. These pumps and meters by Fill-Rite are secure in their design, as that is the personal mission of the brand. Their commitment to providing only excellence in their products and performance is just as essential. They are constantly innovating and upgrading their products to ensure that the best pumps and meters are released on the market at any given time. 

Will they withstand Colorado's Weather?

The materials are durable enough to withstand weather changes and environmental factors that could damage or impact other brands of pumps and meters that are not properly designed. These pumps and meters come equipped with an entire system and operate at faster speeds than some of their competitors.

Importance of Proper Fill-rite pump & meter installation

This is not one of the DIY projects that some owners like to try on their own. Because of the complexity of these pumps and meters, it is important to have these accessories properly installed so that they are secure when transporting both chemicals and fuel around from one location to the next. Part of their durability and security comes in their installation process where they can be properly installed on any model work truck with the entire system. Choosing our service center with experienced certified technicians who regularly install these systems is critical for many of our clients.

The cabinets that come with these meters and pumps must be secured in the bed around any additional equipment such as truck boxes that may already be installed in the fleet truck. Many of these trucks travel on rough and off-road terrain, requiring sturdy and secure placement of these pumps and meters. 

Genuine Fill-Rite Service in Northern COlorado

If you are looking for the best quality pumps and meters and need them installed, it is time to call Truck City Service. We carry only the leading brands in equipment, such as Fill-Rite pumps and meters for your truck. Located in Greeley CO, our team of certified technicians proudly serves customers living as far as Windsor, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Northern Colorado. While we install your Fill-Rite pump and meter, enjoy our comfortable waiting area and relax while we do the heavy lifting. You can also visit our parts boutique and plan your next equipment purchase with accessories.

If you are in need of service installation and live in the area, give our Truck City service department a call today for more information and to schedule your next appointment.

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