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Brake Rotor Resurfacing & Replacement

Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement at Truck City Service

Truck City Service of Greeley, CO, provides a full range of brake services, including more in-depth needs, such as brake rotor resurfacing. Everyone is familiar with a basic brake pad replacement. It is a standard procedure completed at approximately 30,000 miles. However, your brake pads are not the only part of the braking system in need of a helping hand. Other essential components, such as the brake rotors, also wear down, particularly if the brake pads are used past their normal useful life. Sometimes the rotors can be resurfaced for continued use. However, a complete replacement may be necessary.

What is Brake Rotor Resurfacing?

In a brake rotor resurfacing, your existing rotors are removed and inspected for any ridges, grooves, abrasions, or particles that provide an uneven braking surface. These are smoothed on a machine known as a lathe, and the brake rotor is replaced on your vehicle.

What Causes the Need for Rotor Resurfacing?

When your press your brake pads, the calipers press the pad into your rotor. As you brake, the brake pad gradually wears down. When it reaches a critical point, a tab starts to appear and creates a whining noise to alert you to the need for a change. If this is ignored, you can start to wear down your brake rotors in addition to any remaining pad surface. Brake rotors can also be distorted by any grit or particles that find their way between the pad surface and the rotor or gradually become corroded.

When Do I Need New Brake Rotors vs. Resurfacing?

Exceptional wear can make it necessary to replace the rotors. Heavy damage leaves the rotor susceptible to breakage, which can cause a complete failure of the braking system. When your rotor cannot safely be surfaced, our certified technicians at Truck City Service recommend full replacements.

How Often Do I Need to get my Brake Rotors Inspected?

Brake pads need to be changed at approximately 30,000 miles though some may last longer. We recommend a full rotor inspection at that time as part of a larger brake inspection. We also recommend a rotor review and resurfacing at the 60,000-mile point. Should you experience any braking issues that necessitate repairs, we can check the rotors. The rotors may also need to be replaced if you’re experiencing shaking or wobbling with braking.

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