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A/C Recharge Service

A/C Recharge at Truck City Service in Greeley, CO

You have come to the right place for reliable auto service from certified technicians in Greeley, CO. One of the services we offer is all heavy-duty makes and models A/C service, which helps restore and improve the performance of your air conditioning. Our service center in Greeley is only a short drive from Denver, Fort Collins, Windsor, and Loveland. We carry high-quality heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) components at our facility. At Truck City Service, we offer fleet and commercial service specializing in heavy-duty applications, including big rigs and motorhomes. We are proud to offer the only WinAlign Heavy-Duty Alignment System in Northern Colorado. Here is more information about our A/C recharge service.


What is Air Conditioner Recharge Service?

Our Truck City Service technicians will check the A/C refrigerant pressure in your vehicle to determine if it requires recharge service. We will also investigate the reason for the refrigerant to be low. If there is a leak in the system, including damaged HVAC components, we need to fix the issue before recharging the system with a new refrigerant. Once all leaks and damages have been fixed, we will refill the system with a high-quality refrigerant. We carry an A/C refrigerant for all makes and models. At Truck City Service, we recommend periodic maintenance of the A/C to identify and fix any issues with the HVAC quickly.


Signs that Your Vehicle Needs A/C Recharge Service

Your vehicle’s A/C is designed to be a closed system, which means that, in theory, it should not lose or leak any refrigerant. In reality, pressurized systems such as the HVAC tend to leak over time. The most reliable method to check for a low level of A/C refrigerant is to get an inspection from certified technicians. You should also watch out for common signs of low refrigerant. If the A/C is blowing warm or lukewarm air, that is one of the most common signs of low refrigerant. Check for any visible fluid leaks under your vehicle. The leaking fluid could be the A/C refrigerant. A refrigerant leak is most likely to happen around the compressor, located under the hood.

Get Certified Truck Service at Truck City Service

To get certified auto services at Truck City Service, you can choose to stop by our facility for a walk-in service or schedule an appointment for the most optimized customer experience. We are glad to accept appointments over the phone or through our website. Our facility is located at 1415 1st Ave, Greeley, CO 80631. Don’t forget to check our latest deals and discounts on auto services. Our ongoing promotions might help you save on A/C services. We offer an A/C recharge service for all heavy-duty makes and models, including motor homes and big rigs.


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