DOT inspections

Contact Truck City to schedule your annual DOT inspections for your trucks and trailers. Our expert mechanics will examine every element included in the Colorado State DOT standards and are prepared to repair most failures or deficiencies on the spot.

Our on-site DOT inspectors bring extensive experience in the truck repair industry to ensure your vehicle complies with all DOT regulations. Our detailed and comprehensive DOT inspection includes:

1. Brake System

Truck City’s technicians inspect the service brakes, parking brakes, drums, hoses, and tubing to ensure they are functioning properly. We also check the low-pressure warning device, tractor protection valve, and other components for optimal performance and safety.

2. Coupling Devices

Our DOT inspection covers all coupling devices, such as fifth wheels, pintle hooks, drawbars, and safety devices. We ensure these components are securely attached and free from wear or damage.

3. Exhaust System

We inspect the exhaust system for leaks, especially below the driver/sleeper compartment, and test for carbon monoxide leaks. All exhaust system components are checked for damage and secure attachment.

4. Fuel System

Our inspection includes checking for visible fuel leaks and ensuring the fuel tank filler cap is securely attached. We also verify the fuel tank is securely mounted and free from damage.

5. Lighting Devices

We ensure all lighting devices, including headlights, taillights, and signal lights, are functioning correctly. Reflectors are also checked for presence and condition to enhance visibility and safety.

6. Safe Loading

We assess the vehicle’s loading condition to ensure the load is properly secured and stable. Our technicians check for protection against shifting cargo and inspect securement devices on intermodal equipment.

7. Steering Mechanism

The steering mechanism inspection includes checking for excessive free play in the steering wheel and inspecting related components for wear and secure attachment. Proper steering function is essential for vehicle control.

8. Suspension

We inspect the suspension system, including U-bolts, spring hangers, and axle positioning parts, for wear and secure attachment. The spring assembly and tracking components are also checked.

9. Frame

Our technicians examine the frame for cracks, bends, and proper alignment. We ensure there is adequate clearance between the tires and frame and inspect adjustable axle assemblies for secure attachment.

10. Tires

The tire inspection covers all tires for wear, proper inflation, and any damage. We also ensure the correct installation of speed-restricted tires if specified by the motor carrier.

11. Wheels and Rims

We inspect wheels and rims for cracks, damage, and proper installation, including lock rings and fasteners. Welds are checked for cracks and secure attachment.

12. Windshield Glazing

The windshield is inspected to ensure it is free of cracks, discoloration, or vision-reducing conditions. A clear windshield is essential for driver visibility and road safety.

13. Windshield Wipers

We check the windshield wipers for proper operation and condition, ensuring they are not missing or damaged. Functional wipers are crucial for maintaining visibility during adverse weather.

14. Motorcoach Seats

Our technicians ensure all passenger seats are securely fastened to the vehicle structure. Properly secured seats are essential for passenger safety and comfort.

15. Other

We identify and list any other conditions that may prevent safe vehicle operation. Ensuring all aspects of the vehicle are in good condition helps maintain overall safety and compliance with DOT regulations.